Pamidronate Injection 30mg

Product Details

Packaging Size 1 Injection in 1 vial
Manufacturer United Biotech Pvt Ltd
Brand Biodronate 30mg  Injection
Composition Azacitidine (100mg)
Packaging 1 vial
Treatment blood cancer
Dosage Form injection
Warning and Precaution blood cancer
Prescription/Non prescription Prescription


Biodronate 30Mg Injection for Bone Health: Uses and Side Effects

Biodronate 30Mg Injection, containing Pamidronate Injection 30mg, is a medication used primarily to address elevated calcium levels in individuals with cancer and to prevent bone weakening. It plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of bone fractures, especially in cancer patients.


Treatment Administration and Dosage

This injection is administered by a healthcare professional, and the dosage and frequency are determined by the treating physician. While some may require a single injection, others undergoing cancer-related bone treatments might need regular doses. Patients are often advised to hydrate adequately before the injection to prevent dehydration.


Benefits and Program of Treatment

Pamidronate Injection 30mg is integral to a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include dietary modifications and supplementation with calcium and vitamins. Its efficacy may take a few days to manifest fully, offering patients relief from bone-related issues associated with cancer.


Side Effects and Safety Measures

Common side effects such as headache, back pain, and indigestion are usually mild and transient. However, serious complications like kidney problems and low calcium levels warrant immediate medical attention. Patients with kidney issues or low calcium levels should inform their healthcare providers before starting treatment. Additionally, the concomitant use of certain medications may interact with Biodronate 30mg Injection, emphasizing the importance of disclosing all medications to the treating physician.


Precautions and Lifestyle Modifications

Individuals receiving Biodronate 30mg Injection should refrain from breastfeeding due to potential risks. Regular monitoring of kidney function and mineral levels may be necessary during treatment. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can exacerbate bone-related issues and should be avoided.



Biodronate 30Mg Injection offers significant benefits in managing calcium levels and preventing bone weakening in cancer patients. While adhering to treatment protocols and safety measures, individuals can experience improved bone health and reduced fracture risk, contributing to overall well-being.

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