Rotavirus Vaccine

Product Details

Packaging Size      0.5 ml in 1 vial
Brand                  Rotasure Oral Vaccine
Manufacturer      Abbott
Form                  Injection
No. Of Dose          Single Dose
Packaging type    Box
Injection type      Intramuscular


Safeguarding Health with Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus Vaccine is a vital tool in the fight against rotavirus-induced diarrhea, a common and potentially severe illness in infants and young children. This vaccine offers a preventive measure against the debilitating effects of rotavirus infection.


Administration and Dosage

The vaccine is typically administered as a 3-dose oral regimen, spaced 4 weeks apart, commencing at 6 weeks of age. The ease of oral administration makes it a convenient option for infants.


Benefits of Preventing Diarrhea

The Vaccine plays a pivotal role in preventing diarrhea, a condition characterized by frequent loose bowel movements. By targeting the rotavirus, this vaccine effectively reduces the risk of rotavirus-induced diarrhea, contributing to overall well-being.


Usage in Infants and Adults

This vaccine is beneficial for both infants and adults, offering protection against rotavirus infection across different age groups. For infants, it ensures early immunity against the virus, while in adults, it aids in preventing transmission and subsequent infection.


Ensuring Hydration and Health

Rotavirus infection can lead to dehydration, particularly in infants. By preventing rotavirus-induced diarrhea, this vaccine helps maintain hydration levels and supports overall health. It is an essential component of pediatric immunization schedules worldwide.


Side Effects

While side effects from vaccine are rare, some individuals may experience mild adverse reactions such as irritability, ear inflammation, nasopharyngitis, breathing difficulties, and vomiting. It is essential to consult a healthcare professional if these side effects persist or worsen over time.


How to Take

The vaccine should be taken according to the dosage and duration prescribed by the doctor. Patients should carefully follow the instructions provided on the label and use a marked dropper for accurate measurement. While the vaccine can be taken with or without food, it is advisable to maintain a consistent schedule for administration.



In conclusion, vaccine is a valuable tool in the prevention of rotavirus-induced diarrhea, offering significant benefits to individuals, especially infants and young children. By adhering to the recommended vaccination schedule and consulting healthcare professionals for any concerns or adverse reactions, individuals can maximize the protective effects of this essential vaccine.

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