Varicella Vaccine

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Packaging Size                      : 0.5 ml
Brand                                      : Nexipox Vaccine
Manufacturer                        : Novo Medi Sciences Pvt Ltd
Composition                          : Varicella Vaccine (live) attenuated (2000PFU)
Treatment                              : prevention of chickenpox
Prescription/Non prescription Prescription
Form                                       : Liquid
Shelf life                                 : 24 Months
Storage                                   : Cool & Dry place
Packaging type                     : Box


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Safeguarding Kids: The Importance of Varicella Vaccine

Varicella Vaccine, also known as Nexipox Vaccine, is a crucial immunization for children to prevent chickenpox. It protects against diseases caused by the varicella virus.


Administration for Kids

Healthcare professionals typically administer the Nexipox Vaccine to children as an injection under the skin or into the muscle of the upper arm. Even infants as young as 7 months old can receive this vaccine to safeguard them against chickenpox.


Dosage for Young Children

For infants and toddlers, healthcare providers administer the vaccine in two doses, with the second dose given after a minimum gap of 3 months. This vaccination schedule ensures optimal protection against chickenpox for young children.


Common Side Effects

While Varicella Vaccine is generally safe, children may experience mild side effects such as pain, swelling, and redness at the injection site, as well as low-grade fever. It’s essential to monitor these symptoms and inform the doctor if they persist or worsen.


Preventing Chickenpox

Vaccinating children against chickenpox at an early age helps prevent the spread of the varicella virus and reduces the risk of contracting the disease. By adhering to the recommended vaccination schedule, parents can ensure their children are protected from chickenpox.


Safety Measures

Before administering the vaccine to children, healthcare providers should be informed about any existing medical conditions or medications the child is taking. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult with their healthcare provider before vaccinating their children.



In summary, Varicella Vaccine is crucial for children, including infants as young as 7 months old, to prevent chickenpox and its complications. Parents can ensure their children’s health and protection by adhering to the recommended vaccination schedule.

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